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What to Expect from an Educational Nanny?

Parents work to provide their children with tools that ensure their successful growth and development and education is central to this goal. One-on-one interaction, personalized care, and individualized academic growth are a few reasons why parents choose Educational Nannies to serve their unique needs.

"What can we expect from an educational nanny?" is a question we are asked often and to answer it, we must first understand the role of a nanny.

What does an educational Nanny do?

The duties of a nanny go much beyond standard childcare. Nannies learn the intricacies of each household, complement their parenting teams, and provide nurturing care and routines that help children grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nannies become parents’ right-hand and complete domestic tasks, errands, child transportation, and more. Nannies tailor their care and attention to each household's unique needs!

Educational Nannies do this and more! They engage children in play-based learning, hands-on activities, and creating teaching moments from everyday interactions. An Educational Nanny works to meet and exceed each little one's developmental milestones and grow cognitive, emotional, and academic skills.

What can a family expect from their Educational Nanny?

As a well-rounded childcare provider, an educational nanny will:

Become a Member of your Parenting Team

An Educational Nanny becomes the extra pair of hands that helps your household run smoothly. They collaborate with parents to ensure children grow and develop in a safe and nurturing environment. These specialized caregivers assess children's skills, meet them where they are, and structure a plan to help them reach or exceed their milestones.

Educational Nannies follow parents’ lead regarding behavior management while offering tips, tricks, and ideas to help children understand their emotions, make better behavioral choices, and navigate the world with success. Remember, your nanny is a great source of advice. Together, parents and nannies work to implement the best strategies to deal with new or challenging behaviors.

Have a Clear Understanding of Job Duties

Educational Nannies support the function of each household and execute with success on agreed-upon duties. This begins with establishing clear expectations to ultimately develop a strong, lasting relationship.

Educational Nannies maintain a clear scope of their responsibilities by asking questions to learn the family's preferences, understanding their requests, and creating resources that aid in their successful facilitation. We provide our families and Educational Nannies with tailored daily, weekly, or other periodic checklists to ensure smooth facilitation!

An Effective Communicator

An Educational Nanny communicates effectively and welcomes feedback to ensure all parties are on the same page. Stellar families encourage open communication and allow their nanny the freedom to request feedback, ask questions, and make respectful suggestions. To learn more about communicating effectively in a nanny-family relationship read The Golden Rules of Communication: Growing your Nanny-Family Relationship post.

From accomplishments to behavioral items, a stellar nanny facilitates regular communication to keep parents informed, knowledgeable and create smooth transitions between care.

A Dependable and Committed Caregiver

A dependable Nanny is punctual, reliable, and committed to providing a spirit of ease within her Nanny-Family relationship. They provide ample notice regarding time-off requests and follow-up all established and agreed upon COVID-19 precautions and communication.

Their dependability extends to maintaining children's well-being. A stellar Educational Nanny remains aware of their environment, is protective, is CPR certified, and, together with the parents, plans ahead to manage unforeseen emergencies.

Goes Above and Beyond

Nannies who consistently exceed expectations and maintain a history of stellar performance provide families with an easy experience, peace of mind and receive the highest referrals. Nannies who are proactive, anticipate the family's needs, and seek to facilitate, from time to time, additional tasks with or without the family's request are a step above the rest.

Educational Nannies may complete additional tasks that help parents run a smooth household. Tasks may include items not included in the list of duties and responsibilities such as helping to organize a playroom, gathering clothing their little one has outgrown, running an errand, meal preparation, or walking the family dog.

Active, Meaningful, and Educational Play

Nurturing, loving and safe care are most families' top priorities. Educational Nannies faciliate this and provide opportunities to engage children in activities and projects targeted to their specific needs. They have a passion for teaching and work to instill a love for learning, exploring, and discovering in their little ones.

Children are exposed to knowledge in everyday interactions. An Educational Nanny is capable of identifying those learning opportunities, often transforming a simple trip to the grocery store into a lesson when paying for the products, creating healthy meals, and discovering where food comes from.

An Educational Nanny is eager to play on the floor with children, get messy, wear a costume for pretend-play or read in different voices so the children look forward to storytime.

Light Child-Related Housework

A Nanny's responsibilities vary from household to household. Most nannies faciliate child-related household chores such as:

  • Bathing, dressing, and self-care, such as teeth brushing or hair combing.

  • Diaper changing, potty training assistance, and related cleanup.

  • Cleaning and organizing children’s room, play, or eating areas.

  • Cooking meals for the children, or preparing healthy snacks.

  • Facilitating children’s laundry.

  • Washing children’s dishes and utensils, sanitizing bottles, or loading and unloading the dishwasher.

  • Cleaning and tidying up house areas where the children played.

Educational nannies may perform additional tasks such as cooking for the family, managing the household's schedules, or facilitating the family's laundry but these asks are nanny-specific and agreed upon before hiring. However, their most important task is to maintain a nurturing and safe learning environment for the children.

Love and Support the Entire Family

Nannies become active members of the household. Their constant interaction with the family helps to develop special bonds with all of its members, especially the children. A level of trust grows, where the nanny is often seen as a member who goes out of her way to care for the children and the family’s best interests. Such bonds grow deep and we often observe that even after employment ends, they remain in close contact to receive updates on the growth and development of the children. Nannies are often invited to birthday parties, sports games, graduations, and even weddings!


We've Got Your Back!

Finding a nanny that meets all your expectations and needs may sound complicated. However, with a little patience, an open mind, and trust in our service, you can meet your ideal provider!

At The STEM Nanny Company, we work to match families with experienced educational nannies who are proactive, communicative, and have a passion for teaching. Learn more about our program here!

Are you a proactive nanny who can anticipate the family's needs and loves creating meaningful learning experiences for your nanny kids? Apply here!


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