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Light Bulb Moments: Hibernation and Animal Migration Activities!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Winter is bringing many learning opportunities! With the following hands-on activities, children will learn about hibernation and animal migration, practice exploration and discovery, use their imagination and creativity and learn organizational skills.

Learn more about what you can expect in our free Hibernation and Animal Migration Activity Sheet for two weeks of ideas to inspire light bulb moments in your little ones!


Creative Painting

There is no better way to stimulate creativity than using unexpected tools to paint! Using a fork, children will create a bear shape then add a few details to finish up their masterpiece!

6 materials: • plastic fork • brown paint • white, brown, and black cardstock paper • scissors • glue • 2 wiggly eyes


Hibernation Science

With this fun experiment, children will understand hibernation and how animals keep warm and survive during this long sleep process until spring comes.

5 materials • 2 jars • butter • water • 2 labels • marker


V Shape Bird Flight

Through this activity, children will simulate and learn about wind resistance and its impact on birds flying in a V shape during migration season.

3 materials: • fan • construction paper • marker or crayons


The Migration Game

Encourage children to use their agility and stimulate their gross motor skills by helping the birds migrate to a warmer and safer home using a balloon!

1 material: • balloons


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