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The Golden Rules of Communication: Growing your Nanny-Family Relationship

Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Though parents become employers and nannies become employees, the dynamic of a nanny-family relationship can become complex.

Parents and nannies bring unique personalities, expectations, and desires to their professional relationships. They are learning each others' quirks, building trust, and developing a solid foundation.

Are you looking to set a strong foundation or improve your Nanny-Family relationship? We're here to let you know that effective communication is achievable and guide you through the golden rules of nanny-family communication.

1. Get on the Same Page

Success starts during the hiring process! Parents and nannies should openly communicate their expectations to ensure each party can deliver as promised and expected. Ensure you align on technical factors such as employment term, compensation, and COVID-19 precautions, and more personal philosophies such as on approach to discipline, and education.

Do you expect your nanny to facilitate laundry 2 times/week and meal prep 3 times/week? Would you like her to acquire permission before giving your little one Tylenol? Include transparent job duties and house rules in your nanny agreement and come up with a plan for when the nanny agreement does not address specific circumstances. Our agency walks nannies and families from A - Z ensuring each match aligns in their approach to childcare, ideals, and requests.

2. Communicate in a Way that is Clear, Honest, Kind, and Courteous

Practice active listening and ask questions to gain a clear understanding of what the other person’s expectations, suggestions, or requests are. Develop a habit of summarizing at the end to ensure you understand what was discussed. This small habit offers the other party comfort and confirms that their request was heard, understood and sets a solid ground for future discussions.