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The Perks of Being Represented by a Nanny Agency

Though nanny jobs are common, each nanny position is unique! A nanny tailors her care to a family's unique needs, household rules, parenting styles, personality, and traditions. In the age of technology, there are many resources available to help both parties review options; however, the true obstacle is finding the right fit which is where a Nanny Agency comes in.

A Nanny Agency is a placement service that helps nannies find great families and families meet their ideal providers. Nanny Agencies are match-making specialists who know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you find the right fit.

Being represented by a Nanny Agency provides several advantages, such as:

Availability of Positions and Fully Vetted Candidates

It takes time and effort to look for potential opportunities. A nanny who begins her job search on her own must search through caregiving websites, join Facebook groups, or rely on recommendations. Following that, they must contact possible employers, ensure their profile stands out, await responses, complete individual interview processes, submit references to each potential employer, and so on. It's a lot to go through, especially given the odds of being chosen!

Families (a.k.a. potential employers) trust a Nanny Agency to present fully vetted candidates, which means when Nannies join an agency, they have access to all open positions and an opportunity to choose and apply to ones they are interested in.

Provides an Additional Level of Trust

When onboarding nanny candidates, we conduct thorough vetting procedures including background checks, driving records, vaccination records, employment verification, reference checks, and certification verification, among other things.

For families, it is critical to know that the potential prospects being offered are precisely what they are seeking and more. Nannies, on the other hand, can feel confident that potential employers are prepared to offer specific work conditions and benefits including W-2 employment, paid time off, paid sick days, and more.

Learning from the experiences and successes of other families and nannies creates a continually growing knowledge bank that you have access to during and after your matching process. The nanny benefits from the Nanny Agency's reputation, putting her one step ahead of the competition.

Guidance During the Selection Process

Being a good fit for the needs of a family does not ensure employment! Families evaluate several candidates with similar qualifications to choose their chosen caregiver, thus boosting the nanny’s chances of moving up the selection ladder is critical!

Nanny Agencies prepare nannies for success! When nannies are represented by a Nanny Agency, they are assessed and provided guidance on how to improve their chances of landing a position.

Nanny Agencies have access to various resources to help boost nannies' candidacy including assistance with resume updates and coaching and guidance to prepare for interviews or trial appointments.

Assistance Finding the Right Family

A Nanny Agency typically creates profiles for both Nannies and Families, including all of the necessary details and information to ensure a great match. The Nanny Agency learns about the nanny's abilities, experience, and areas of specialization to match them with families looking for those specifics.

Once a prospective match is identified, the Agency arranges an interview between them, officially beginning the matching process.

Assisting with the Hiring Process

When a family decides to make an offer to a nanny, we represent both parties' interests to ensure a successful long-term fit.

Agencies can negotiate on a nanny’s behalf to achieve their desired compensation and other industry-standard perks. We join the nanny and family terms into a Nanny Agreement that rules the professional relationship between the parties.

A Nanny Agency coaches the family through the tasks and responsibilities of becoming a household employer, providing holistic support to ensure a successful long-term relationship.

Provide Coaching and Resources to Build a Strong Nanny-Family Relationship

Nanny agencies follow up with both the Nanny and the Family after the matching and hiring process to ensure that the relationship is growing well and is meant to endure.

If there are any hiccups in the relationship, the agency offers coaching and advice on how to cope with various scenarios to help the parties build a healthy relationship.

Nanny agencies frequently provide additional support and tools for nannies to improve in many areas related to their employment or childcare. Nannies are supported by our monthly infant guides, baby sign language guide, hands-on curricula, and more.

What We Do!

At The STEM Nanny Company, we are match-making experts and assist nannies and families become effective parenting teams!

Through our Nanny Placement Program, we provide extensive guidance and walk our nannies and families through the matching and hiring process to ensure a smooth and easy experience.

Following a successful match, we give additional tools and coaching to assist nanny-family relationships to grow successfully!


Are you a family looking to add a fantastic caregiver to your parenting team? Learn more about our program here!

Are you an experienced nanny with a love for education looking for the perfect family? We are here to assist you! Apply here!


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