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Snacking on Science! 5 Edible Experiments Children Will Love

Children love snacks! Take advantage of this and get your children involved in creative snack preparation. At The STEM Nanny Company, we like to turn everyday experiences into learning opportunities and cooking is an easy and fun way to review measurements, proportions, and promote independence.

Engage your children in science they can eat with the following projects:

This project requires preparation and only one ingredient: oreo cookies! The moon takes approximately a month to gravitate around Earth. Learn how the sun impacts how we see the Moon from our beloved planet and can identify its stages. Grab your oreo cookies and start learning! Here how!

With this easy experiment, your little one will learn about the acid-base chemical reactions that produce gas and make your favorite drinks bubbly. A deliciously scientific option to serve with dinner! Here is what you need.

A childhood favorite for sure! Learn to make yummy, healthier gummy bears while exploring the states of the matter. It's a delicious and enriching experience. Get the recipe here!

Make bread from scratch and discover the chemical reactions that occur during bread preparation and baking. Learn what yeast and gluten are and how the ingredients come together to create this fluffy and delicious food. Here's how!

Explore and test the most effective way to make ice cream in a bag! Learn how ice and salt team up to make your cream freeze faster into ice cream. Drizzle chocolate, caramel, or sprinkles for a delicious family dessert! Here's how!

These edible science projects are easy, fun, instructive, and delicious! Comment below and let us know which project was your favorite!


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