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Awesome Learn-at-Home Science Experiments

Updated: May 13, 2020

Can you ever go wrong with a science experiment? You can and that’s the beauty! As every day scientists, we make educated predictions, tests our theories and learn to explore along the way.

Conducting simple science investigations with your little ones helps them test their ideas and learn how the world around them works. With hands-on exploration, you can fill your little ones' days with a lot of fun and tons of teachable moments. Are you looking to bring STEM Camps into your home or finish the school year off strong? Learn more about our Home School Kits!

Science Experiments at Home


Ready to explore the world of science with your littles? Here are some fun experiments you can conduct with simple ingredients in your household. Read to the end to discover how you can receive two of our STEM curriculum. Click the title of each to learn more about the project.

Disappearing Egg Shell

Have you ever made an egg bounce? In this experiment, an acid/base reaction breaks down the egg's shell while its membrane remains intact. The result is a naked egg!

2 materials: • an egg • vinegar