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Light Bulb Moments: Holiday Fun Activities and Ideas!

Begin the winter season with hands-on educational activities that help your children develop problem-solving skills, awaken their creativity, and cultivate a feeling of personal responsibility.

Scroll down to download our free Sensory and Winter Activity Sheet for two weeks of ideas to inspire light bulb moments in your little ones!


Melting Snowman

Everyone loves a snowman! In this activity, children will build a snowman and melt it! Though it is not real snow, they will experience and learn about the chemical reaction that occurs when vinegar interacts with backing soda!

7 materials: • baking soda • water • white vinegar • black beads or googly eyes • orange foam paper • eye droppers or spoon • glitter and sequins


Christmas Ornaments

Children big or small will enjoy this easy yet awesome craft! They will learn to make salt dough and create their ornaments for the Christmas tree or a keepsake for mom and dad!

5 materials • flour • salt •warm water • glitter, paint, ribbon, or any other decorations • cookie cutters


Countdown Ball Coding

With this activity, children will learn about coding and algorithms. They will follow a sequence of steps to create a Countdown Ball for New Year!

3 materials: • worksheet • pencil • crayons or colors


Hispanic Traditions for New Year

Many Hispanic countries follow Las Doce Uvas (Twelve Grapes) tradition to welcome the New Year, make wishes and resolutions. Children will learn about this tradition and count to 12 in Spanish!

3 materials: • worksheet • colored pencils or crayons • listening ears


Our agency understands the power of education! Our nannies' background in early childhood education, engaging Nanny experience, and passion for teaching allows them to identify, create or transform everyday experiences into meaningful learning opportunities. Learn more about our program here! Are you a stellar nanny seeking your next nanny family? Apply here!


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