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Light Bulb Moments: Sensory and Winter Activities!

Begin the winter season with hands-on educational activities that will help your children develop problem-solving skills, awaken their creativity, and cultivate a feeling of personal responsibility.

Scroll down to download our free Sensory and Winter Activity Sheet for two weeks of ideas to inspire light bulb moments in your little ones!


Ice Painting

Develop creativity and teach little ones about low temperatures in winter and their effects on water by making colored ice cubes! Then, use the cubes to create an icy masterpiece!

6 materials: • water • food coloring • popsicle sticks • ice tray • thick paper • old newspaper or mat.


Simon Says...

This simple yet engaging game can challenge little ones to utilize their senses and creativity in order to find or accomplish what Simon Says! Combine two or more senses in your requests to make it extra challenging.

2 materials • creativity • agility!


Solve the Mystery!

Play detective to figure out which container has sugar and which has salt! Your children will use their five senses and problem-solving skills to solve the mystery of the missing labels in this activity.

5 materials: jar with sugar • jar with salt • 2 labels • pen • paper


Teaching Responsibility and Good Habits

Keeping your house clean while raising children is challenging! Raise responsible children and instill new habits by including them in daily chores. Make cleaning time a learning opportunity by creating a routine that incorporates tasks for the children, or turn cleaning into a game! Learn more about how you can instill cleaning habits and routines with Redfin's article here.

2 materials: • patience • consistency


Our agency understands the power of education! Our nannies' background in early childhood education, engaging Nanny experience, and passion for teaching allows them to identify, create or transform everyday experiences into meaningful learning opportunities. Learn more about our program here! Are you a stellar nanny seeking your next nanny family? Apply here!


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