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Is your nanny ready for summer?

We've dedicated hours to research and creation so your nanny won't have to! Equip your nanny with the tools to cut screen time, and empower your child's curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills with hands-on, fun-filled STEAM activities this summer.

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Imagine a fun summer of igniting curiosity, nurturing creativity, and building a strong foundation for a love of learning.


From June to August, our summer nanny kits give your nanny the tools to do just that! Your Summer Nanny Kit includes:

  • A box of 20 hands-on projects and experiments for 18 months to 10 years old delivered to your doorstep,

  • 4 weeks of in-home summer activity ideas including

    • Learning Mondays,

    • Active Tuesdays,

    • Creative Wednesdays,

    • STEM Thursdays,

    • Cooking Fridays, and more!

  • A surprise monthly bonus detailing kid-friendly festival, field trip, and outing ideas in the Greater Houston Area.

Easy to Follow Instructions

If your nanny speaks fluent English and holds a high school diploma, she can facilitate our hands-on projects and experiments with success. Plus, they are tailored to your child's age!

Materials Included

Your nanny receives easy-to-follow curricula and the materials needed* to curate exciting playtime experiences with your little ones.

*Excludes common household items such as pillows or water.


See why parents love our play and learning experiences. 

Doorstep Delivery

We deliver a large box of projects and experiments to your doorstep and give your nanny 4 weeks of activity ideas!

Summer Nanny Kit
(June to August)



Help your nanny cut screen time and keep your children engaged this summer!

Choose your months, pause or cancel anytime!

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