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  • Laura Becerra

Quick Guide to Vacationing with Your Nanny

Embarking on a family vacation during the summer season is a notion that excites most parents. However, it may seem that a getaway with little ones doesn't always result in mom and dad's complete unwinding and renewal. That is precisely why bringing your nanny along for the adventure is a great idea!

Imagine yourself relaxing by the pool, enjoying a much-needed spa treatment, or just taking in the peace and quiet of the setting. Meanwhile, your children are happily playing with your fantastic nanny, who expertly manages their care and keeps them occupied and safe. Does this sound like heaven to you?

Beyond the obvious perks, having your nanny by your side ensures that your children feel secure amidst the excitement of new experiences and strange surroundings. With their comforting presence, your little explorers can maintain a sense of consistency and familiarity, making the transition to a new environment a breeze.

Nannies and families should recognize that a vacation for the family does not translate into a vacation for the nanny. When families decide to bring their nannies on vacation, it is crucial for both parties to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Here are a few things you must consider when bringing your nanny to your family vacation:

Nanny's Benefits and Compensation

Since your nanny will be working outside their regular schedule and environment it is necessary to discuss the compensation and benefits for the duration of the vacation.

The compensation should include their regular wage and guaranteed hours plus any applicable overtime, even when traveling! Nannies should not be expected to use their paid time off (PTO) or sick day benefits for the trip.

Nanny travel ready

Remember that your dream vacation should not come at your nanny’s expense! It expected to cover additional perks such as travel, lodging, meals, and any excursions where they are required to attend to care for the kids. Additionally, it is customary to provide your nanny with a daily travel stipend to compensate for the inconveniences and sacrifices they make during the trip. For example, if your nanny owns a pet and requires a pet sitter or a boarding facility for the duration of the trip, the stipend should cover for the additional expense.

If you plan to travel abroad, ensure that your nanny has up to date travel documents. If your nanny does not have a passport or requires a visa to travel, it is customary to pay for the application fees and additional expenses to secure all necessary travel documents.

Communication and Expectations

Clear communication is key to a successful vacation arrangement with your nanny. Discuss expectations, responsibilities, and any unique needs or restrictions you may have prior to the trip. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and helps avoid misunderstandings during the vacation.

Agree on a schedule and promptly communicate any changes to give your nanny time to plan and adapt to all situations and make sure to contemplate down time, breaks, possible overtime, adult time, family's or children's activities and events.

Plan Events and Activities for the Kids
Busy child on plane

Traveling with children requires more planning! Children must be entertained and engaged to have a productive day! Involve your nanny in your trip and have her research and plan activities and events for the children. Inform promptly if there are specific events you would like to attend and remain flexible and open to any suggestions as your nanny may have valuable insights on how to make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

Agree on a budget or prepay for events, and don't forget to purchase gear, toys, snacks and materials needed to keep children engages. For example, if you are traveling by plane to your destination or plan to dine out regularly, purchase toys that will keep children entertained such as busy bags, activity books, or travel friendly games. For snack time, bring options that are easy to prepare or get individually packed crackers, check mix, apple sauce or died fruit. Equipping your nanny for success is the key to a smooth and relaxing vacation!

Respect Personal Boundaries

Sure! Your nanny is working during your family’s vacation; however, it is crucial to respect their personal boundaries. Remember, your nanny’s personal and work environments are affected, and they need time to unwind and enjoy some free time!

Be mindful of their privacy, personal space, and need for downtime. Allow them opportunities to explore the destination or participate in activities they enjoy, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Personal boundaries go both ways! If your family needs some alone time to bond, simply notify your nanny! They could use that time to recharge or explore.

Leave Room for Growth and Development
nanny exploring

Vacationing with the family can provide an exciting opportunity for nannies to broaden their horizons, gain new experiences, and develop professionally.

Encourage your nanny to engage with local culture, try new foods, explore the destination, and embrace new activities. Not only will this enhance their skills and knowledge (which can translate into a learning experience for the children too), but will also foster a stronger bond between the nanny and the family.

Grow your Nanny-Family Relationship

Vacationing with your nanny is a great way to learn more about each other! It also allows you to witness firsthand their interaction with the children, time management, discipline, and overall control of any circumstances, resulting in a stronger degree of trust and reliability in your caregiver.

Maintaining a respectful and appreciative relationship with your nanny is key. Expressing gratitude and including them in family bonding moments can foster a positive experience for everyone involved. After all, your nanny is committed to assisting in any way they can to help you relax and enjoy your time, it is much appreciated when they are considered a part of the family! This sense of appreciation, results in a long-lasting, effective, and strong relationship with the family!

Dealing with Post-Vacation Blues
Child on vacation

Going back to reality is hard for you and the kids. For nannies could be even harder! After all, they not only continued performing their work duties, they did it in a more challenging and different environment! After your vacation, allow your nanny one or two paid days to rest and recharge so they are ready to continue with their regular routine.

Bringing your nanny along on a family vacation represents a great advantage! By considering the factors mentioned in this guide and providing the necessary benefits and compensation to your nanny, you can create a vacation experience that is enjoyable and memorable for everyone! So, plan that dream vacation, pack your bags, and let your nanny join in the fun for an unforgettable family adventure!


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