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9 Fun and Easy Recipes to Try with Children During the Holiday Break

Kids are off school for their winter break and are anxiously counting the days until they see family, friends, and open presents! If an exciting trip or vacation is not in the cards this year, don’t worry! Engaging children in their snack or meal preparation is an excellent way to connect, learn and explore during the holidays at home. Cooking is a learning opportunity and provides children with tools and skills to become independent. Here are 9 fun and easy recipes to try with your children or nanny kids during the holiday break:

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberry Santas

This healthy and delicious snack can help your child develop their fine motor skills as they fill and decorate the strawberries. Older children can practice their cutting skills using a blunt knife. Find the recipe here.

Grinch Fruit Kabobs

A super easy and healthy treat or dessert for the whole family to enjoy! With this one, your children can practice fine motor skills and learn patterns and sequencing. You can also experiment with different fruit to create colorful patterns! Here is the recipe!

Frozen Berry Yogurt Bites

With only two ingredients you can make a yummy and healthy snack while learning about changing states of matter when the yogurt freezes. Practice fine motor skills while using cookie cutters to cut different shapes or create your designs! Find this easy recipe here.

Easy Tortilla Pizzas

Children love pizza! This healthier version of pizza is easy to make and can be customized to any palate. Have children create a pizza using their favorite toppings and learn about fractions while cutting the slices. Try this recipe!

Nacho Scoopers

This delicious recipe is full of color, textures, and flavor! Teach shape and color recognition, explore different textures and use logic and sequencing to prepare this yummy snack or appetizer! Find the recipe here.

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

There is nothing better than muffins for breakfast! Start the day by baking blueberry muffins and learn the chemistry behind those fluffy treats! The fluffy and soft texture of the muffins is possible due to little carbon dioxide bubbles that try to escape. This occurs as a result of a chemical reaction when baking powder, liquids, and other ingredients in the recipe are exposed to heat during the baking process. How cool is that! Here is a yummy recipe to try.

Taco Bowl

Taco night got better with this taco bowl recipe! Stimulate the children’s creativity by having them create their taco bowls. Let them experiment with their favorite ingredients and toppings. Use this moment to talk about the ingredients, where they come from, and how they help our bodies stay strong and healthy!

Christmas Rice Crispy Treats

Get ready for Christmas and a little messy prepping this child favorite! Practice fine motor skills, use your bare hands for a sensory experience, and learn about changes in matter when the mixture cools. Use your creativity to create and decorate delicious treats and serve them for dessert! Find the recipe here.

Banana Sushi

You guessed it! The main ingredient is bananas! Practice cutting skills, mix ingredients, and create fun combinations to prepare your sushi treat. Challenge the little ones to practice their fine motor skills by eating them using chopsticks! Here is the recipe, though you pretty much can use any ingredients you want!


With every recipe, children are encouraged to explore and:

  • Discover using their senses,

  • Practice their motor skills,

  • Review and understand measurements and proportions,

  • Learn about the science behind cooking,

  • Exploit their creativity,

  • and learn their way around the kitchen to become independent.

Learn more about how everyday interactions can become meaningful learning experiences with our post 5 Easy Ways to Transform Everyday Experiences into Learning Opportunities.


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