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Nanny Side Hustles

Updated: Apr 4

In the wake of the pandemic, the way the world works has changed drastically and while nannies traditionally care for children in a home setting, a new world of online work had opened up and can provide you with host of opportunities to earn an additional income. So, let’s dive right into some online and offline ways that you can increase your earning potential!

So, why side hustles?

New income streams provide comfort, security, and the flexibility to ensure that no matter what's going on in the world, you are always provided for.

In today's world, having a side hustle is more than a trend — it's a smart way to make sure you have the financially flexibility to live your ideal life. Now, the best side hustles don't just provide comfort, security, and flexibility, they help you grow personally and professionally. Plus, working on something you're passionate about can make life more enjoyable, help you meet new people and discover new opportunities that lead you to financial independence. Here are a few lucrative opportunities fit for nannies!

Increase Your Earning Potential Through Continued Education


For nannies, the journey towards increasing your earning potential and enriching your caregiving capabilities begins with continued education. The decision to pursue further education is a testament to a nanny's dedication to their craft, their desire to provide the best care possible and can set you apart in a competitive job market. We see it time and time again—parents are willing to offer higher rates to candidates they perceive as more educate or knowledgeable. And what's better? Demonstrating your expertise doesn't require a 4-year degree.

Certifications in focused areas like sleep consulting and newborn care not only broaden your expertise but also open avenues for career advancement and financial growth in an organic and meaningful way. Let’s dive into how these certifications can be a game-changer in your career trajectory!

Become a Pediatric Sleep Consultant!


Envision giving the gift of sleep to a family that hasn't had a full night's rest in ages. As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, you can become a family’s key to unlocking restful nights that are critical for the growth and happiness of children. Watching a family transform as sleep returns to their home is profoundly rewarding and what better, you don’t just changing sleep habits, you set the stage for healthier, happier family lives! What’s more, this certification guides you on marketing your services to families and building out a profitable career as a sleep consultant complete with a supportive community, hands-on leadership, and affordable tuition.

The Institute of Pediatric Sleep offers the following and more:

Click below to get a FREE guide detailing how much you could make as a sleep consultant, an overview of all you will learn in the program and everything you need to know before becoming a sleep consultant.

Become a Newborn Sleep Specialist!


Do you have a special place in your hearts for infants? Picture yourself as a beacon of hope for bleary-eyed parents who are weaving through the maze of newborn care with more questions than answers. As a Newborn Sleep Specialist, you can bring clarity and peace to those overwhelming early months of a family's journey. This program doesn’t just teach you about the ins and outs of infant sleep, it gives you the tools to craft customized sleep solutions, and help families overcome the unique sleep challenges these tiny humans face.

As you dive into this program you will learn how to share your newfound expertise effectively and turn this passion into a thriving career or side hustle. The Newborn Sleep Specialist Certification could be your gateway to becoming an indispensable resource for new parents while filling your heart and bank account!

Offer Specialized Education Services


As a nanny or babysitter, you possess a unique insight into the developmental stages and educational needs of the children you care for. This positions you perfectly to offer specialized educational services and turn your observations into opportunities! Whether you've noticed a child's struggle with social-emotional development or they are super interested in a particular topic, you can tailor activities that not only support their growth but also ignite their passion for learning.

First: Identify a Need

Start with the families you already work with. Pay close attention to each child's age, developmental stage, and any areas where they might be facing challenges or showing exceptional interest. This could range from a preschooler who finds fine motor tasks challenging to a kindergartener fascinated by letters but struggling to learn them, or even an older child who hasn't yet discovered the joy of math.

Next, Craft Your Side Hustle

Once you've identified the needs and interests, it's time to design your offering. This could include:

  • Creative Play: Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills through open-ended play, suitable for all ages.

  • Interactive Learning: Encourage exploration and discovery across various subjects with activities that adapt to each child's interests and developmental stage.

  • Universal Skill Development: Focus on enhancing emotional, social, and cognitive growth through engaging experiences, fostering a well-rounded educational journey.

Our top pick for this service is the Early Learning Matter curriculum for 0 - 5 years old as they provide you with a comprehensive learning plan! Visit them here. We also recommend BabySparks and for a wealth of pre-planned activity ideas!

Lastly, Reach Out to Families

With your services crafted, it's crucial to communicate your offering effectively. Crafting an offer letter is your next step! It should convey the value you bring but also your understanding of the child's unique needs.

Your Sample Letter

I hope you're well. Having spent rewarding time with [Child's Name], I've observed their unique strengths and areas where they could benefit from additional support. With this in mind, I'm excited to propose a personalized educational service tailored specifically to [Child's Name]'s needs and interests.

This service will offer:

  • A mix of creative, interactive, and hands-on activities that support and challenge [Child's Name] in [insert the skills you hope to develop] to encouraging growth in a fun and engaging way.

  • Each session will aim to boost [Child's Name]'s confidence, independence, and them explore, ask questions, and develop a love for learning on their own terms.

  • Regular updates on progress, ensuring we're aligned on [Child's Name]'s development.

I'm eager to discuss how we can work together to support [Child's Name]'s learning journey. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

Ready to up your nanny game? Our easy-to-use curriculum is coming soon! Sign up now to be the first to know when we launch, so you have easy-to-use tools to start enhancing your earning potential!

Online Teaching and Tutoring


Now that we've adapted to life after the pandemic, the shift to online learning for students from preschool to college has permanently altered our approach to education. With countless families joining the online learning community, accessing new students is possible with a click of a button. Here are a few online teaching platforms where you can earn up to $30/hour.

  • PalFish: $10 - $30/hour. PalFish offers flexible scheduling, no degree required and you can teach from an iPhone or tablet.

  • Magic Ears: $18 - $26/hour. This online English learning platform teaches students ages 4 to 12 years old. This platform requires a bachelor's required.

  • VIP Kid: $15 - $22/hour. Use your computer to teach English lessons to students in China. This platform requires a bachelor's required.

  • DaDa: $14.50 - $23/hour. Online one-on-one English education platform for children between 4 to 16 years old. This platform requires a bachelor's required.

  • Whales English: $18 - $30/hour. They connect students in Asia aged between 5 and 15 with native English speaking tutors for small group conversation classes. This platform requires a bachelor's required.

  • Teach School Virtually: $18 - 30+/hour. If you are a nanny with prior teaching experience, you may qualify for a part-time virtual teaching position!

Let's maximize our time by developing additional streams of income that fit our skill sets and interests. Be innovative, think creatively, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Banking on yourself is a surefire way to win!


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