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How to Navigate Working From Home with Your Nanny

Many parents are working from home and adjusting to new nanny-family relationships. Here's our guide to navigating this uncharted territory:

For parents, it can be difficult to work with interruptions from little ones showing their cool, new experiments, or creations. For nannies, boundaries can become blurred when parents visit their children throughout the day. This can lead to confusion about the nanny's role, responsibilities, and cause frustration about interruptions to the children’s daily routine. If your family or Nanny is struggling to adjust, read our recommendations below!

Create a routine with alarms


Establishing a routine helps nannies, parents, and children adjust to any new at-home arrangement.

In addition to scheduling meals, naps, playtime, and outdoor activities, consider scheduling parent time. These are designated times of day that parents and children play together. When parent time is near its end, give a friendly reminder that "We have 15 more minutes to play with daddy. When we hear the ringer, we're going to create a Rainbow Crystal!"

If a child is reluctant to end "parent time," schedule an exciting activity to redirect their attention to fun!

Establish authority, guidelines and a visiting schedule