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Helping Your Child Succeed When Learning From Home

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Most of the U.S. is working from home and while this may be a welcomed relief from lengthy commutes, unproductive meetings and limited free time, many parents are wondering what to do with the kiddos.

Although schools are many families' core for intellectual, social and academic development, we have an opportunity that is unprecedented in modern times to enhance your little one's abilities and passion for learning. Whether weekends, holidays or school days off, try these fun strategies to discover, explore and guide your children to success.


Fun strategies to help your kids learn at home!

Make a Toy!

Use interactive toys to get your kiddos psyched about STEM! Help them see that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics have everyday applications. If you'd prefer all of the materials and curriculum delivered to your doorstep, sign up for updates about our Home School Kits.

Pom-pom Catapult

(idea by Curios Jane) This invention uses stored energy to launch an object. Play around with the position of the stopper to find the best angle for maximum distance. Have loads of fun choosing decorations and launching different objects. Step by step guide in making this

Grab a book!

Reading helps your little ones improve their communication skills, explore their creativity, and encourages them to think outside the box. If your child is reluctant to read, keep in mind there are different forms of reading and their preference may vary by age.

  • For younger age groups, take turns reading. The parent reads one page and the child reads the next.

  • Google hands-on activities for their favorite books. Take advantage of the thousands of written hand-outs and activities for books that they love.

  • Engage them in conversation. Pause frequently to discuss their thoughts and feelings about a passage and relate things they've read to everyday life.

  • Allow your child to be the teacher and create a lesson plan for the "class." Prompt them to think of activities related to their reading.

Explore new kinds of technology.

Although our Nannies abide by strict no-tech rules, many of today's technological innovations can serve as great segways to learning! With moderation, interactive games can prove an exciting learning opportunity. Here are some child-friendly educational devices/games:

Focus on progress and growth

Children are born curious and taking as many opportunities as we can to teach them is our path to success. Remain enthusiastic about the leaps and bounds they are taking daily, monthly and yearly, provide an abundance of love and you're doing it right!

Need some help?

Our Home School Kits deliver exciting STEM projects and experiments to your doorstep. Every month, you receive easy-to-follow curriculum and all of the materials needed to curate exciting days of educational fun for ages 2 - 14 years old.

In addition, our STEM Nannies arrive with exciting, hands-on and educational activities to do with your little ones while you catch up on work deadlines or binge on Netflix.

To learn more or apply for a Nanny, visit


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